After a very long journey back from Poland, it was good to reflect back on our experiences over the last 12 days or so.  As Team Manager, I would like to wholeheartedly thank the entire team for making this year’s WC’s one to remember – by whole team I mean Wayne Osbourn, Jamie Cole, Summer Fisher […]

Saturday 29th July – Final round – Music

Finally a day with no rain forecast but instead sunny intervals with low winds – perfect for the final round.  The F3C pilots were flying their final round between 9-12noon so the guys had the morning to warm up ready for their music round which would start at 12.30pm.  Dave went to the practise site […]

Friday 28th July – Finals – Rounds 1 (Sets) & 2 (Freestyle)

Dave headed down to the practise field with Jamie R at 7am.  I headed out shortly after to fill up the fuel container and get lunch supplies.  Everyone was at the practise site by 9.30am for Duncan & Alex to prepare for the Sets round.  Summer & I went straight to the main site to […]

Thursday 27th July

A lazy start to the morning for once.  Jamie R. headed out to the practise site after breakfast – the rest of the guys didn’t leave the hotel until around 11.30am with Jamie C & Aaron detouring via MacDonald’s before finally arriving at the practise field around 1.30pm.  For the next couple of hours we […]

Wednesday 26th July – Round 4 Music

My favourite round…. after a 45 minute break, we were straight into the music flights. Luca was up first and really set the bar high with an incredible flight scoring 535.  Dave flew next and was awarded a score of 426.5.  Jakob was then up but within seconds of starting his flight, his tail gears […]

Wednesday 26th July – Round 3 Sets

After a short break it was straight into round 3 and the 2nd round of Sets. Eric Weber was 2nd up to fly and flew a great round increasing his 1st round Sets score by nearly 200 points (4250.5) !!  Nick Maxwell also improved on his first round score by just over 200 points (4028). […]

Wednesday 26th July – Round 2 Freestyle

A very early start for everyone again this morning – we were all up & ready to head out to the fields (practise for Aaron & Alex, main site for Duncan & Dave) by 7am.  Duncan was first up for his Freestyle flight and flew a great solid round scoring 451.  Being the first pilot […]

Tuesday 25th July

What a day!  We were all up and heading to the flying field by 7am this morning.  I was calling for Jamie Robertson so after a quick stop at Tescos to pick up lunch supplies, I went straight to the official flightline ready for his flight. There was a rain shower which delayed flights for […]

Monday 24th July

Everyone was up bright & early ready to leave the hotel at 9am.  We went straight to the official F3N flightline ready for our ‘official’ practice flights.  Aaron and Dave were both asked by the judges to fly a calibration flight for them (either Sets or Freestyle) but they declined which was their prerogative.   […]

Sunday 23rd

Was woken by heavy rain in the early hours but thankfully by the time we got up, it was dry though overcast.  After breakfast we all headed to the field for a days practise.  Today we had no commitments so we could relax and enjoy the day with Duncan, Dave, Alex & Aaron all being […]