Closing Ceremony + Banquet

I would like to start this final part of the blog for 2016 by saying how enormously proud I am of team GBR & by team I would also like to include the helpers / mechanics Wayne & Jamie & not forgetting Ray & Summer.  Everyone has worked so hard since they have been here […]

Final round for F3N – Music

We were up & out at the field for 9.30am.  The weather had changed, cooler, overcast and windier.  A couple of flights for each of our guys before heading to the competition flight line. Aaron was the 2nd pilot up – conditions were the most challenging they had been all week (apart from Aaron’s aborted […]

First two Finals rounds (Sets + Freestyle)

Busy day today.  We were all up & out at the practise site by 9.30am.  Each pilot had a couple of Sets flights to warm up for the first F3N round starting at 12noon.  We made our way over to the main flightline just in time to see Steve Roberts fly his F3C round (he […]

Free (?) day

A nice lazy start to the morning – breakfast at 9.30am.  Aaron slept till 11am – he was absolutely shattered after the last few days, part of him wanting to get into the finals & another part of him not so that he could rest!  Poor lad! I popped out to get some shopping for […]

Final 2 rounds of Preliminary (Sets / Music)

This is the blog for Wednesday 27th written Thursday morning hence the date being wrong! 🙂 Dave was first up to fly his sets this morning so we were up early & out to the practise field for a couple of warm up flights first.  We weren’t the earliest though as we found Steve there […]

1st day of competition

Another hot day here in Poland. We were all up early (breakfast at 7.30am) as everyone but Duncan wanted some flights at our practise site before flying in round 1: Set Manoeuvres.  Duncan was up 2nd so he decided to go straight to the comp site chauffeured by our trusty supporter Ray.  Aaron was up […]

Model processing +

We had an early start this morning arriving at the airfield at 8.15am ready for model processing.  A painless process resulting in 7 models with relevant stickers ready to fly in the comp tomorrow.    Then it was over to the F3N competition flight line where we had an hour & 20 mins to familiarise […]

A Full Day of Practise

We made ourselves at home at our ‘unofficial’ practise site again today, complete with gazebo (one of the advantages of driving over & bringing our own gear). The landowner visited us this morning & didn’t seem too pleased until we gave him 50 zly (about £10) & then he seemed quite happy! As you can […]

Practise & Opening Ceremony

We had a late’ish breakfast this morning (9am) before everyone headed to the flying field. Summer & I detoured via the local shops (Lidl & Tesco’s) to buy supplies for lunch + plenty of water & ice to keep everyone hydrated.  Weather was warm but overcast which was actually a very pleasant change from the […]

Together at last!

What a day it has been… I woke to the news that not everyone was going to get on the booked flight (etd 7.40am) as BA had overbooked!  Not impressed.  Jamie & Aaron had to wait just over 6 hours for the next flight departing at 1.55pm. Wayne, Duncan, Steve & Summer arrived at the […]