Monday 24th July

Everyone was up bright & early ready to leave the hotel at 9am.  We went straight to the official F3N flightline ready for our ‘official’ practice flights.  Aaron and Dave were both asked by the judges to fly a calibration flight for them (either Sets or Freestyle) but they declined which was their prerogative.   Once everyone had flown we headed over to Model Processing where each model was officially identified with an FAI sticker & weighed with battery.  We then spent some time taking photos with models before heading to our practise site around 11.30am.

The rest of the day was spent continuously flying one after another (the football didn’t make an appearance once today) until it was dusk & too dark to see properly.  I had to attend a Team Managers’ meeting at 6.30pm where comments were made about how to fly certain manoeuvres and we were told what downgrades would be awarded should the pilot fly elements incorrectly.

The forecast is looking decidedly iffy tomorrow with thunder showers forecast for first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon.  We are flying both Sets & Freestyle tomorrow (weather permitting) so it will be jam-packed day especially if there are delays because of rain.  Our four pilots are spread out through the field.  The schedule for the day can be found here:  I believe the scores will also be updated regularly online on the official website. 

We all have a very early start tomorrow – planning on heading to the practise site at 7am.  Fingers crossed that rain doesn’t scupper our plans.

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