Saturday 29th July – Final round – Music

Finally a day with no rain forecast but instead sunny intervals with low winds – perfect for the final round.  The F3C pilots were flying their final round between 9-12noon so the guys had the morning to warm up ready for their music round which would start at 12.30pm.  Dave went to the practise site at 6.30am with Jamie R.  With only a couple of points between 3rd & 5th place, Jamie was determined to do everything he possibly could to secure 3rd place against fellow pilots Luca Pescante & Nick Maxwell.   Duncan & Alex headed out to join them after breakfast.

By 12.30pm we were all at the main flightline ready for battle to begin!  Tillmann was up first and he flew an accomplished flight scoring 480 (not quite as high as his prelim music flight).  Alex was next and although he wasn’t happy with his flight he scored 491.50 significantly higher than his prelim music flight (457) & beating Tillmann.  Rasmus followed Alex scoring 464.50.

Luca was next to fly – always popular with the spectators his flight was well received scoring 530.5.  Kenny followed Luca to the flightline and everyone waited to see if he could reproduce his highly scored round from the Prelims.  He did!  We were treated to an amazing flight which scored a well-deserved 548.  Duncan was up next wondering how on earth he could follow Kenny’s flight.  Everything was going really well until about 20 seconds from the end when he had an unexpected loss of tail control which forced him to have to land inverted, zeroing the round.

Nick was up next and having come 2nd in the Prelim music round, we were all waiting to see if he could fly as well in the finals.  Unfortunately he didn’t and he scored 527, 10 points lower than his prelim flight and 3.5 points behind Luca.  Jakob was the next pilot to fly – he had not been able to complete his music flight in the prelim round due to his tail gear exploding so we were looking forward to seeing his flight.  He flew brilliantly, not missing a beat and scored a well-deserved 506.5 securing his 8th position in the standings overall.

Then it was the turn of defending World Champion Eric Weber.  We had heard that he had been up early practising (just like Jamie) and although his flight was brilliant, it didn’t quite match Kenny’s scoring 540.5.  The final F3N pilot to fly in these Championships was Jamie.  His flight was incredibly precise, matching his music perfectly and his score came in at 527.5, 3 points behind Luca and just 0.5 points ahead of Nick.  We all waited anxiously to see how the normalisation would work out.  We knew that Kenny had beaten Eric to take the title of 2017 World F3N Champion but it still wasn’t entirely clear who would take 3rd place.

The final scores came out promptly (as they had throughout the WC’s) and Jamie learned that he had secured 3rd place by the smallest of margins – there were only 4.03 points (out of 3000) separating Nick in 5th place & Jamie in 3rd.  As far as the team placings were concerned, we were still tying with Germany on 26 points and we knew that with Eric in 2nd place & Duncan in 6th (thankfully his crash in the final round did not affect his overall placing), it would be Germany taking home the Gold team medals.

We then rushed back to our hotel to clean the hire cars, start packing & grab some lunch.  Then it was back to the airfield for the Closing Ceremony, more speeches and finally the presentations.   Aaron was presented with the 2017 Junior World Champion cup and medal and as a team, GBR received silver medals and a cup.


Once the presentations and subsequent photos were taken, we headed back to our hotel to change ready for this evening’s banquet.  This was held at the hotel where the judges and jury had been staying and was a huge improvement on last year.  It was a great chance to socialise with everyone after the intensity of the last week.

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